Quick Peek into Smashly’s Bag

If you were to take everything out of my backpack, you’d see that I carry around a notebook for that subject (so technically I have 4 notebooks but I only carry one at a time), my chemistry lab notebook and safety goggles, my handy dandy iPad, my headphones, a calculater (simple math is tough), a water bottle and some pens. Also, there is a planner shown in the picture that I need to start using asap. Sometimes I will carry around other junk, like a jacket, a snack, trash from the snack I just ate and other things like that.

The image shown represents such a small part of who I am. I do genuinely care about my academics and doing well in school. However, there is so much more to me and about me that people would not pick up from the picture. Looking at the picture one might assume that I love chemistry, which is not technically true. Chemistry lecture and lab just takes up the majority of my time. School is fun and all but nobody would know that I am on the varsity volleyball team or that I just had knee surgery or all about my family from the contents of my backpack.

The only thing challenging about this assignment was making sure I put everything back into my backpack. But it was definitely interesting to see everything that I carry around all day laid out on the on my carpet.

There is a certain art to representing items in my backpack. I feel like analyzing it was a type of writing but the act of putting the items in a set up to take a picture is not technically writing. You could look at the picture as a composition of items, which then could compare to writing a paper.

xoxo, Smashly

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