Smashly’s Gone Home Liveblog

Sooooo I need to start off by saying I do not play video game regularly. Ok cool so now that you know that, it took me like 30 MIN TO EVEN GET INTO THE HOUSE. I had no idea what I was looking for, well let me back it up, I had no idea how to walk around. I just starting pressing things and I think I pressed on the door 5 times before I realized that locked door meant I needed to find a key which was so well hidden.

I am in the house now, YAY, but the music is scary and the letter on the door had me creeped out. None of the lights are on so I attempted to turn most of them on (I really hope when I turn around nothing jumps out at me). It feels like I’m in the game Clue.

I have pretty much opened every cabinet, drawer, and door (well the ones that are NOT locked) that I can find. I am confused. I found a bunch of sticky notes that say “You can do better” next to some JFK sticky notes and found listen to Sam say that she lives in the crazy house.

Up the stairs we go… found out Lonnie and Sam like each other. Still can’t figure out how to walk more than a few steps without running into the wall. There are so many letters that I don’t know what they mean and so many unopened boxes. Tried to go into the attic but guess what its locked. Cool.

This game is quite frustrating, you think you are onto something but the door could be locked or you don’t know what the letter or audio clip means. On top of this all, there is creepy music and creepy vibes to the whole game even though it doesn’t seem to be a horror game.

xoxo, Smashly

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