Let’s Reflect on Producing a Podcast

My podcast was all about Illimat, a game by indie band the Decemberists for their album “Hazards of Love.”

What I enjoyed about my podcast was that I had never heard of the game Illimat before. I had no previous biases about the game or knew it’s reputation. I didn’t even know how to play the game, which was part of the fun.

My and my assistant producer collaborated a ton during this process. I came up with a bunch of questions to analyze and my assistant producer and I both contributed to answering the questions. This process worked so well because we would bounce ideas off each other. We both came up with analysis that we wouldn’t have without talking about it to one another.

The podcast script was pretty tricky to come up with. We had a lot of insight into how the game was set up and how to play it but struggled to come up with the values hidden in the game. There was definitely a depth to the game that was hard to uncover. However, once we did, it was easy process after that.

My podcast episode definitely seems pretty casual because it is very conversational but I feel like that has a very strong appeal to it. I did not want the podcast episode to seem scripted but for it to have a smooth flowing tone to it.

This podcast contributed to the learning outcomes because there was so much communication between all members of the group. There was creativity to come up with our analysis because we were forced to think outside of the box to discover its true values.

I really enjoyed this process but being a group project, it was hard to align schedules. The other drawback was that once we finished recording it didn’t save properly and we lost the first recording. We had to record our podcast a second time, which was very time consuming but we had a better understanding of what points we wanted to include.

xoxo, Smashly

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