Smashly Weekly Emotions

This past week I recorded the emotions I was felt throughout the day. It was a tough quest for me because I had to pay attention to how I was feeling, which I don’t typically put much thought into. I had to realize when I was feeling a specific emotion like super excited or very frustrated. At the begging in of this assignment I created a table on a piece of paper where I tracked my emotions. I would identify what emotion I was feeling and then place a number based on how extreme the emotion was on a scale of 1-5. I believe that I missed some of the emotions I was feeling just based on how we typically do not put an emphasis on identifying how we are feeling.

From the data I collected, I can confidently say that if I have a long day of class or an overload of homework my emotions will reflect that. On the days, where I have more free time and less amount of stress my positive emotions are higher than my negative emotions. For example, on Monday, I have a full class schedule from 10 to 4:20 then I have to rush over to volleyball from 4 to 7. As reflected on the graph, my positive emotions were not as high on Monday due to the high intensity of classes. I believe that overall I am a pretty positive person, which is shown from the graph.

I think this was a valuable tool for self analysis because then it made me more aware about why I felt some of these emotions. It also challenged me to change a negative emotion into a positive emotion. Sometimes I would get so worked up about something that when I stopped to think about it for a second, I realized that it was a simple task to overcome. This assignemnt had great take away aspects. I believe that it has made me more aware of how I am feeling on a regular basis and has taught me how to overcome the negative emotions to trade them for positive emotions.

xoxo, Smashly

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