Do you Dooley with “Dooley Rider”?

“Dooley Rider” is a fun self motivating game to help students with their time management skills. Coming up with the idea for the game was one of the best parts about this project. My group started out with a “bad guy,” which was how to create effective time management with the distraction of our cell phones. Then we began brainstorming, throwing out ideas that were already existing then furthering those with our own ideas. We discussed ideas such as putting a study guide on an app, and in order for a student to unlock their phones, they would have to get a few questions right or a racing game with benefits from productive studying. Through these brainstorming ideas, “Dooley Rider” came to life. Group collaboration was key to the success of our game. We all had a part in coming up with the idea of “Dooley Rider” and each played a crucial role in the final product. My role in the game was the design aspect of the app. Our game had a huge Mario kart influence that was incredibly fun and playful but incorporated characters from Emory‘s campus. I enjoyed working with different design apps that translated real life photos of Emory’s campus into cartoon landscapes. I also had fun playing around with the editing apps where I was able to cut and paste Emory’s mascots and teachers into the character selection for the game. The presentation to class was through a website my team had created. Looking back at the presentation, a PowerPoint would have been more effective in communicating our idea to the rest of the class. However, I truly love the idea of “Dooley Rider” and think that it would be a huge success.

xoxo, Smashly

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