Smashly Becomes an Assistant Producer

For this podcast on the game “Mentally Stimulate Me,” I was the assistant producer. I had never heard of this game previously and was very open minded while playing it. Moon and I started off the process by playing the game. It is very much like “Cards Against Humanity,” but the questions were very personal and opened up a form of communication because Moon and I. While playing the game, we put aside the cards that stood out to us because they were hard to answer questions that showed the kind of person one is by their responses. The uniqueness of this game comes from the ability of the questions to bring out discussion. Not only do you find out things such as what kind of partner they are looking for but what kind of quality they admire in a person. We tried to explain this in our podcast by providing examples of conversation that the game sparked between Moon and I. The game also had a very modern spin to it. We noticed certain lingo such as boo and bae that are very much used by the millennial generation. Filming this podcast was much easier this time than our first podcast from the beginning of the semester. We stuck with the same tone from the first podcast which was more casual and very conversational. Our goal was for the listener to understand the benefits of playing the game and how we analyzed the approach the game makers used.  Even though I was the assistant producer, Moon and I worked together to produce our podcast and each individually contributed to our episode.

xoxo, Smashly

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