Smashing Posts

It’s Been a Smashlingly Good Time

Welcome to my smashing website, created for my English 101 writing class at Emory University called “Play, Make, Write, Think.” Coming into this English class, I thought I was a terrible writer with no clear sense of how to write a good essay. I was worried that the professor wouldn’t like my style of writing [...]

Do you Dooley with “Dooley Rider”?

“Dooley Rider” is a fun self motivating game to help students with their time management skills. Coming up with the idea for the game was one of the best parts about this project. My group started out with a “bad guy,” which was how to create effective time management with the distraction of our cell [...]

Smashly Becomes an Assistant Producer

For this podcast on the game “Mentally Stimulate Me,” I was the assistant producer. I had never heard of this game previously and was very open minded while playing it. Moon and I started off the process by playing the game. It is very much like “Cards Against Humanity,” but the questions were very personal [...]